The economic prosperity of the rural society, renewed focus on food security, improvement in road infrastructure and mobile & internet connectivity have created an unprecedented environment for tapping the Agri-rural opportunity. Social Entrepreneurs, Venture Funds, IT companies, Mobile companies, Agri-inputs organizations and core agriculture companies see significant possibilities for creating profitable and sustainable businesses in rural India. However, the unique socio-economic-political-cultural environment creates significant challenges for these businesses.

InI has developed significant domain expertise in agriculture businesses. Assessing the financial viability of any newly developed production process, developing the strategy for foray into farming or export, building the market for new products, recommending the latest quality & efficiency enhancing technologies from abroad or causing difficult turnarounds of loss-making ventures into profitable ones - we have done it all, and in the due course have gained extensive knowledge into the otherwise unorganized sector of agriculture in India.

Leveraging this knowledge of hard-earned lessons, first-to-achieve successes and unequalled insights into the turning around of the Indian agriculture space from a maximum-wastage scenario to a maximum-profit industry, we sure offer a USP that's downright formidable.

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