The world infrastructure is getting old and the concerns of public safety have become increasingly important for governments and infrastructure owners. With the advancements in technology for data collection and processing, increasingly the manual methods of infrastructure management are giving way to automation, modeling and numerical analysis for Non-Destructive Testing.

InI is a leading provider of state-of-the-art Infrastructure Asset Management Solutions through its proprietary firm Pixel Networks in India.

Pixel Networks (Pixel) is a pioneer in the field of Structural Health Assessment of Bridges for Indian Railways. Pixel offers a wide range of Infrastructure Asset Management Solution ranging from efficient management and maintenance of Old Infrastructure (Bridges, Tunnels, Embankments, and Foundations) to efficient construction of New Infrastructure (Load Testing). It has wide ranging expertise in turnkey project execution and maintenance activities.

With State-of-the-Art technology through association with leading technical institutes and international partnerships and qualified engineering resources from premier institutes of India like the IITs, Pixel is well poised to address the structural integrity concerns of the infrastructure owners.

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