Arising out of our intense expertise in the Structural Health Assessment of Infrastructure, Pixel Networks offers knowledge-based support to national and international clients on the following aspects:

Outsourced Bridge Modeling and Analysis Services

Pixel provides Knowledge Process Outsourcing services to international agencies requiring Bridge Modeling Services, Data Analysis (Data cleaning, reduction, mapping and analysis). India has an abundant engineering resource base and a wide range of quality analysis and modeling services are provided in a cost effective manner.

Testing Services

Pixel owns and manages sophisticated Non-Destructive Testing equipments which are used to provide testing services to wide range of engineering disciplines including civil, aero-space and mechanical. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipments provide quick and easy solutions for problems which require sensors and extensive data collection for evaluation and monitoring of structures, equipments and machinery.

Foundation Mapping

Extensive knowledge and modern methodologies used to regenerate lost or missing Foundation Drawings of old structures.

Bridge Management System

Bridge Management System used for managing infrastructure through its lifecycle i.e. design, construction, operation and maintenance. It helps the infrastructure owners to track and monitor Bridge assets to plan and optimize maintenance budgets leading to enhanced safety and savings.
One of the most prominent companies in the technology sector within India wanted to have the structural design of one its facilities verified.