Monitoring, maintenance and protection are key requirements for ensuring safety and optimizing the asset utilization. Today's technologies offer tools for predictive maintenance through scientific trend analysis studies.

Pixel Networks offers unrivalled and unprecedented expertise in the Structural Health Assessment of Bridges - we are India's first and most prominent provider of services in this domain. Our expertise is proven by the fact that we have a long-standing relationship with potentially the biggest client in this industry within India - Indian Railways.

Condition Monitoring of Bridges and Buildings entails scientific due-diligence on the health of the structure. For e.g. in case of bridges, this involves structural analysis to understand whether the bridge needs to be replaced or the life of the bridge can be enhanced by utilizing retrofitting techniques. The value of such analysis and evaluation cannot be over emphasized, as bridge replacement involves Multi-million Dollar investments while operating a deficient infrastructure possess serious threat to life and property.

Our services cater to the requirements of the following stakeholders:

For Bridge Owners

  bullet Condition Monitoring, Rating and Assessment of existing Bridges  including modeling, instrumentation, data collection, analysis and recommendations to assess the following:
  bullet Present Health Status and Recommendation on Rehabilitation and Retrofitting techniques
  bullet Load Carrying Capacity and Remaining Fatigue Life Estimations
  bullet Upgrading of the feeder routes to meet the DFC loading standards
  bullet Conversion from Meter Gauge to Broad Gauge
  bullet Suggest Rehabilitation and Retrofitting techniques

  bullet Load Testing for New Bridges
  bullet Testing of newly launched girders or newly constructed bridges for their response to critical parameters

For Building Owners

  bullet Testing of buildings under construction for their response to critical parameters to assess the following:
  bullet Structural Adequacy under Design Loads
  bullet Identification of Structural Cracks & their behavior under Imposed Loading

Not only limited to bridges and buildings, these services are also offered for Special Structures such as Tunnels, Formations & Embankments, Tracks and Foundations.
A leading player in the manufacturing sector wanted to get one of its manufacturing facilities tested for cracks that had appeared in the building structure.
These are the assignments that form the founding stone of Pixel Networks expertise.